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When Is Shigmotsav?

When Is Shigmotsav When Is Shigmotsav

Shigmo festival 2017 Goa would be celebrated in the month of Phalgun (March), beginning on the 9th moon day to the full moon day. The festival begins with the Naman (song) and the collective obeisance of the villagers. On the first day, the village deity is bathed and dressed in saffron robes. The 5th day is called 'Rang Panchami'. This day of rejoicing is celebrated with the profuse use of 'Gulal' or red powder. People smear gulal on each other as a gesture of greeting. On the 11th to 15th day, the villagers, clad in vibrant clothes carry dhwajas or torans along with beating drums and blowing the flutes, they assemble at the village temples. They perform the various folk dances like the 'Ghode-Morni' or the horse dance,Talgadi, Hanpet, Lamp dance,Gopha,'Rommatamel' and 'Fugdi' dances are performed by the villagers as part of the festivity. The intricately crafted floats form a major part of the festival.

According to the Shigmotsav dates 2017, the Shigmo parades will begin from Ponda and will follow to the other towns. Besides the float parades, cultural programs will also be held in Panaji. According to the Shigmo festival 2017 dates, float parades will be conducted in the cities ofPonda, Pernem, Panaji, Bicholim,Canacona and Sanquelim and other cities.