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Shigmo Committees in Goa

The Shigmo festival is a vibrant and widely celebrated festival of Goa that spans across a fortnight and takes place in the month of Phalgun (March) according to the Hindu calendar. This religious Hindu festival is filled with colours, music, dance and floats. In true meaning, it depicts the life of a Goan in elaborate folk performances by local men and women who dance effortlessly in huge processions along with the parade. The floats play a major part of the festivity of Shigmo and are organized by the Shigmo Committees in Goa. They are brilliantly crafted and depict the mythological scenes. The various Shigmo Committees in Goa like the AntruzShigmoUtsav committee, MargaoShigmotsavsamiti take the responsibility of organizing the wide scale celebration of Shigmo festival at Panaji. Among the various Shigmo Committees in Goa, the PanajiSigmotsavSamiti is usually entrusted with the task of conducting the events of this major festival of Goa like the cultural programmes along with organizing the float parades.

There are 14 Shigmo Goa committees. Among the Shigmo Committees in Goa, the PanajiShigmotsav committee is a noteworthy one and it takes an active part in the process of finalizing its programme for the Shigmotsav. Shigmo committees like Panaji,invite Maharashtrian actors for the cultural programs to be held during the Shigmotsav.

The Shigmo Committees in Goa along with the tourism department play a vital role in the Shigmotsava celebration.