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Shigmo Festival - About Us

Society for the Confluence of Festivals in India (SCFI) envisions creating value for our society, exhibiting the beauty, grace and astuteness steeped in myriad festivals celebrated in India. Our country exudes rich cultural diversity, colours and traditions that are beautifully embodied in our way of commemorating spirituality and festivity. At SCFI, we endeavour preserving and nurturing the country’s intriguing cultural heritage, spreading the knowledge of a myriad festivals to the world at large. With this website, we have made an honest effort to bring to you the charisma of Goa’s much-revered Shigmo Festival.

Goa is ever-effervescing with mirth and merriment, and Shigmo Festival or Shigmotsav is yet another glorious example of Goa’s multi-faceted cultural heritage and traditions. One of the much-awaited festivals in this quaint land of beauty and joy, Shigmotsav resembles Holi and commemorates the oncoming of spring season. The history of the festival is steeped in antiquity and is the best way to discover and indulge into Goa’s lifestyle and vigour. Grand Shigmo parade is the key highlight of Shigmotsav, marked by a myriad hues, dance, music, float parades and traditional folk performances by local men and women.

This website, an initiative by SCFI, is completely dedicated to Shigmo Festival with the objective to spread awareness and knowledge of India’s diverse festivities. We have portrayed diverse facets associated with this popular Goan festival, providing a glimpse of their cultural traditions and customs steeped amid celebrations. SCFI brings to you every aspect of the festival that makes it most intriguing and beguiling – history of Shigmo Festival, its significance, meaning ofVhadloShigmo and DhaktoShigmo, key highlights of Shigmo parade and when is the festival celebrated. If you are a true Goan by heart or bear interest to know Goa’s implausible lifestyle and culture, the website provides comprehensive information pertaining to everything related to Shigmo Festival.

The Society for the Confluence of Festivals in India beautifully brings to you the 14-days of Shigmotsav celebration in different parts of Goa, with details of every ritual, custom, songs and dances that enhance the appeal and charm of this festival. We also strive to highlight the festival for tourists in Goa, conveying its richness and glory to people visiting the state from different parts of the world. We ensure you will go back home with experiences worth cherishing forever. We have also put together the life and culture of various Shigmo Committees in Goa. Thus, you will have comprehensive knowledge of the festival which will help us further preserve and nurture the efficacy of Shigmotsav.

We seek to promote and conserve awareness of this diversified and rich cultural extravaganza amongst the people of this world, emphasising the subtler and deeper values ingrained within the festivals of India.